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District 1250 - Pretty Nifty

The Banbury camping rally is a national event which takes place during the summer bank holiday. This year district 1250 when en-masse to take part in one of the toughest endurance tests known to rotarcts; The Banbury camping rally. Also know as 48 hours without sleep

This years events included the casio night, 4am camp fire, a live band, Discos and not forgetting, VAST amounts of beer.

For those people not too hungover, or too tired, there was a volleyball and five-a-side contest. Personally, I found just watching tiring enough.

Highlights of the weekend

District 1250 wins the Banbury five-a-side football competition !!

Several member play "The coat hanger game"

James throws coffee over his feet. Luckily, no brain damage done.

What this space for further details soon !!

Adrian knocks dart board of wall, with single dart.

Hello to Kerry and her Club.

Photos coming soon!

The Happy Campers

The happy Campers

Crashed Out

Crashed Out

The Footie Team

Footie Team

James with his 'feet'

James' Feet

The boat Race - Drinking Race Team

Drinking Team